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  About US
THE COCHLEAR IMPLANT GROUP OF INDIA with the Registered Office at Ashadeep ENT Centre, No 81, 2nd Main, 1st Cross, BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560 076, India was formed in November 2003.

The association comprises of surgeons, audiologists and Auditory verbal therapists concerned with cochlear implantation. Cochlear Implant manufacturers and distributors are associate members.

Cochlear implantation is a surgical procedure designed to restore useful hearing to the severe to profoundly deaf individuals who do not derive benefit from hearing aid use. Inserted into the cochlea, or the inner ear, the implant bypasses the hair cells of the cochlea which are nonfunctional and directly stimulate the auditory nerve. More than 75000 people have been implanted worldwide with significant benefits and outcomes.

Cochlear implantation is now being actively performed in more than 15 centers in India and more than 450 people have benefited from this amazing new technology. The role of CIGI in this scenario is to standardize techniques and protocols for cochlear implantation. It is also envisaged that CIGI would form an authoritative body for dissemination of correct information on cochlear implantation to new clinics and prospective patients, or their parents.

The objectives of the Association are:

To help the poor and needy section of the society by way of surgery and treatment with Cochlear Implantation and related field of activities.

To encourage scientific study of the processes involved in Cochlear Implant, to promote investigation of auditory physiology and hearing disorders, foster improvement of therapeutic procedures, post operative habilitation and for Cochlear Implant management, to stimulate exchange of information among persons thus engaged and disseminate such information.

To encourage basic scientific research and experimental work in auditory perception and physiology.

To facilitate research in the field of Cochlear Implant and guiding such research.

To promote high educational and research standards in the field of Cochlear Implant surgery, investigations and habilitation.

To establish committees on educational standards to supervise, advice, monitor, develop and implement educational standards laid down by the association for development of Cochlear Implant programmes.

To hold scientific discussions and reading papers related to the field of Cochlear Implantation.

To establish and maintain a museum, a reference library with books, reviews, magazines etc relating to Cochlear Implantation.

To advise on legislation affecting professionals in Cochlear Implant programmes and the persons utilizing the Cochlear Implant.

To bring out journals and magazines devoted to the field of Cochlear Implantation.

To bring together members of the Association periodically at conventions and continuing education programs, seminars and workshops and, in general working for alleviating the problems of the hearing handicapped.

To hold, build, alter and maintain properties, movable or immovable that may be necessary or advantageous for the aforesaid objectives, to purchase and/or to sell, to lease and to mortgage the same for the purpose of achievement of objectives of the Association.

To receive donations and contributions from members as well as generous public and by holding the same in trust for any particular purpose or purposes for the advancement of Cochlear Implant and rehabilitation.

To cooperate with the medical and allied associations connected with aural rehabilitation in India and abroad for the promotion of the field.


Immediate Past President : Vice Admiral Dr. V.K.Singh

President:                                    Dr. Shankar Medikeri (Bangalore)
Past President:                          Dr. (Mrs) Kalyani Mandke (Pune)
Secretary:                                    Dr. Ameet Kishore (New delhi)
Vice President:                           Dr Naresh Panda ( Chandigarh)
Jt. Secretary:                              Ms Nishita Mohandas (Mumbai)
Treasurer:                                   Mr Apurva Kumar (Bangalore)
Executive Council Members:
                                                      Ms Anuradha Bantwal (Mumbai)
                                                      Dr. Girish Mishra (Anand)
                                                      Dr. (Mrs) Ruchika Mittal (New delhi)
                                                      Cdr Dr. Dilip Raghavan (Mumbai)
                                                      Dr. Kapil Sikka (New delhi)
                                                      Mr. Chandrakant Vishwakarma (Ahmedabad)  


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Registered Office at Ashadeep ENT Centre, No 81, 2nd Main, 1st Cross, BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560 076